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       Meet Dr. Kaszuba

Early on Dr. Kaszuba understood the power of a smile.  The warmth, happiness and confidence conveyed, ignited his passion for dentistry.  This was an incredible ambition for the son of a steel mill laborer and a stay at home Mom,  growing up on the southeast side of Chicago.  Impressed with an honest work ethic, that dream became a reality at Northwestern University Dental School when he graduated with honors in 1982.  Since then, he has enthusiastically provided compassionate care for thousands of beautiful smiles.

While retaining his focus on administering his patient centered practice,  Lieutenant Commander Kaszuba served in the United States Navy Dental Corp where he was awarded a Personal Citation for "meritorious achievement  as a Dental Officer for outstanding Professional skills, leadership, and ceasless efforts" during Operation Lonestar in 2003.  He participated in providing dental treatment to unserviced populations in Alaska, Illinois, and Texas.  Most recently he retired from UIC Dental School, where he shared his talent with  dental students for the last twelve years as Assistant Professor and DIrector of Initial Patient Care in the Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Services.  Building on the strong foundation of a quality education and the philosophy of enhanced service, he utilizes 30 years of ongoing continuing education and diverse professional experience to provide each patient with treatment tailored to their individual needs.

Research has successfully focused on patient comfort and aesthetics resulting in many options to improve your smile.  If your last dental visit required an X-ray, then you experienced a digital laser scan of your teeth, which reduced your radiation exposure by 90% and allowed you to view the image on a computer monitor.  Your children can avoid future fillings by utilizing air abrasion technology which can smooth out the crevices where tooth decay can begin and seal those areas without the need for a dental injection.  The Kavo Diagnodent Laser Cavity  system is a helpful tool unitized to detect decay before it appears on a dental x-ray and the VELscope aids in oral cancer detection.  These are just a few of the countless improvements used to optimize patient care.  Dr. Kaszuba is devoted to your dental health, comfort, and safety and is committed to stay abreast of current developments through hundreds of hours of continuing education in all aspects of dentistry  including the exciting field of dental implants.

As much as things change, Dr. Kaszuba will continue to serve your individualized dental needs in the best possible way.  Join our family of satisfied patients, and allow us the privilege to care for you.r comprehensive and emergency dental needs. Experience the difference by calling us today for a free consultation at  ​219.836.9999.